Monday, September 9, 2019

California Honda Service & Parts: What is an Alignment?

Do your tires squeak or squeal when you turn the corner or back out of the drive? Sometimes this can be caused by dust or dirt build-up, while other times it's a sign of a more severe problem. That's why at minimum, your car should have an annual Honda service that reviews, among other things, your alignment. You can also request a check each time you get an oil change. But, your car will give you signs when it's unbalanced. Find out what an alignment involves. If you still have questions about Honda parts or service, then talk to our team at Keyes Honda near Los Angeles.

A car is designed to put weight evenly across its tires to provide a smooth driving experience. But, it also ensures even wear on all critical car components so that no one section of a rod or tire gets overused. When a car becomes unbalanced, it starts to put more pressure on one tire, which can snowball into several other issues. Protect your investment by looking for these warning signs:

  1. The steering wheel is crooked or pulls from side-to-side
  2. Car or steering wheel vibrates at higher speeds
  3. Tires are wearing down rapidly or unevenly
Our technicians are factory trained so we can tell you right away if you'll need a two-wheel or four-wheel alignment. Then we'll perform an inspection to see if your car is balanced correctly. If it requires an adjustment, then it'll only take about an hour to complete the service. Front-wheel-drive models usually need a front-end-alignment which is also called a two-wheel-alignment. All-wheel-drive models require a four-wheel-alignment.

If you've noticed any of these signs or require specific Honda parts near Los Angeles, then our team at Keyes Honda is ready to help. Stop in or schedule an appointment online.


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