Thursday, December 10, 2020

5 Ways Our Honda Service Can Help Near Los Angeles, CA

Admittedly, the holidays aren’t so jolly this year with an ongoing pandemic raging on. We want to make this holiday at least just a little brighter for people who visit our Honda service center near Los Angeles, CA. Find out how our service department can keep you safe on the road.

1. Tire Inspection

It’s even more important that the tires are in optimal condition. Tires require ample tread depth for gripping and traction under wet roads. A technician can inspect for tread wear and recommend services like a rotation, alignment, or balance to ensure even tread wear. 

2. Battery Checkup

More electricity is required to start an engine in cold weather. More accessories like the heater and windshield wipers are also in use, contributing to more power drainage. We suggest having our technician examine your battery especially if it’s more than three-years-old.

3. AC/Heater

The AC and heater consist of the same component and undergoes just as much use in the winter as it does in the summer. A technician can check all parts are in working order.

4. Fluid Check

Fluids like motor oil, antifreeze, and transmission fluid thicken when the temperature drops. Letting your engine warm up first thing in the morning is a good way to warm these fluids. Be sure to have these fluids replaced when they’re due for a change.

5. Undercarriage Inspection

The undercarriage is subject to more damage in the winter due to remnants of leftover debris from fall. Check the undercarriage; parts like the shocks, sway bar, ball joints, and strut assembly are especially prone to damage and corrosion.

Visit Keyes Honda for winter auto servicing. While awaiting repairs, be sure to check out our inventory for models like the Honda Civic and more.

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