Wednesday, July 21, 2021

How Does a Trade-in Work?


A car trade-in in Van Nuys, CA is a terrific way to simplify the car purchasing or leasing process. It saves you the immense hassle of having to sell your car to a private buyer. Anyone who placed their car in ads can attest to how cumbersome and time-consuming the process can be. Learn how the trade-in process at a dealership works.

Online Appraisal

Visit the trade-in section of our dealership website for a quick appraisal. Just enter your vehicle make and model, and you’ll receive an instant valuation according to the Edmunds True Market Value®. This will give you a rough estimate of your car trade-in.

In-Person Evaluation

The online appraisal is a good starting point but is not the final sale value. The next step is to schedule an appointment at Keyes Honda for an in-person evaluation. Depending on the vehicle’s condition, your car’s value may be slightly lower than the figure you received from the online appraisal. Factors like damaged parts or cosmetic damage can reduce the vehicle’s value. We recommend having existing issues resolved at an auto repair shop beforehand.

Trade-In Your Vehicle

If you agree with the final appraisal, then proceed with the trade-in. The value of your existing car will be applied towards the purchase or lease of your new vehicle. The process is completed in a single visit and on the same day you acquire your new vehicle. It’s a tremendous time-saver.

To recap the process, complete a quick online appraisal on our website, then bring your vehicle in for an in-person assessment. The latter is usually done the same day you purchase/lease a new vehicle. Afterward, browse our inventory for your next car, such as the Honda Pilot or other model of your choosing.

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