Sunday, August 15, 2021

Your Brakes and Why Preventive Maintenance Helps


Your brakes are absolutely vital for your safety and the safety of the motorists you share the road with. The brakes will usually give you hints that it’s beginning to wear. Don’t ignore the signs of faulty brakes and bring your vehicle to our Honda service in Van Nuys, CA for an immediate brake inspection.

Signs of Worn Brakes

We suggest an immediate trip to our dealership if any of the following signs manifest during your daily commute:

  • Pulling – you may notice the vehicle pull to one side when braking. This may be a sign of uneven wear in the brake lining.
  • Grinding noise – you may hear a sound that resembles metal-to-metal grinding. This may indicate the brake disc and caliper grinding against one another.
  • Vibration – If the vehicle vibrates when applying the brakes, the rotors may be warping due to excessive heat exposure caused by friction.

How to Keep the Brakes Healthy

The primary cause of premature brake wear is sudden braking. Minimize this at all costs and only do so in an emergency. To avoid slamming on the brakes, always maintain a minimum of a three-second following distance of the car ahead of you. Also, always actively scan the road for potential hazards, so you have ample time to respond.

Preventive Maintenance

We suggest a brake inspection with every trip to the dealership service center. This way, the technician can detect early stages of brake wear and prevent rotor, disc, or pad damage from exacerbating. Aside from avoiding an expensive brake repair, this also keeps you safe on the road, and you can’t put a price on safety.

Book an appointment with our service center for a checkup of your brakes, tires, and suspension. We perform these services on all Honda vehicles, including common models like the Honda Accord.

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