Saturday, September 11, 2021

The Importance of a Honda Oil Change After a Leak


A leak is a primary cause of premature oil loss. In this instance, you’ll need a Honda oil change near Sherman Oaks, CA ASAP to prevent engine damage. Learn what causes a leak to occur in the first place, the consequences, and how to prevent it.

What Causes a Car Leak?

Various factors can lead to an oil leak. Typically, the cause stems from a worn oil seal or engine gasket. It may also stem from an opening in the oil pan, which can occur due to contact with road debris. Though less common, oil leakage may be a sign of a faulty valve seal or ring.

The Ramifications

Depending on the severity, a leak can cause a rapid loss in oil. Insufficient oil levels can lead to excessive heat buildup and consequently, engine wear. If the source of the leak isn’t fixed, it’ll lead to consistent and accelerated oil loss, leading to more frequent oil changes. In addition, the oil that leaks on the floor is an environmental hazard as the liquid flows into a drain or evaporates into the air.

Oil Leak Prevention

Identifying the source of the leak by yourself is very difficult. We highly recommend bringing your vehicle to our service department at Keyes Honda to determine the leak’s origin. General maintenance at the dealership includes an inspection of parts like the filter, filler cap, and drain plug, which may be sources of a leak. Early detection of wear can prevent the problem from exacerbating to the point of a leak.

Is your car due for an oil change? Make an appointment with our service department for a checkup. We perform oil changes on all Honda models, including the Honda Pilot and more.

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