Tuesday, March 15, 2022

OEM vs. Aftermarket Parts

Occasionally, you’ll need to make an appointment at our dealership to service your vehicle. You may have a worn part that requires replacement. 

You should always aim for OEM Honda parts near Sherman Oaks, CA. They are almost always more beneficial over aftermarket parts that an independent auto shop may provide. 

OEM Parts Save You Money 

Aftermarket parts are usually cheaper upfront than OEM parts. That’s the allure of aftermarket components. However, investing in an OEM part will likely save you money in the long-run because:

  • They often last longer, resulting in fewer repairs over the life of the vehicle. 
  • They come with a warranty 
  • Repairs may be covered by your existing warranty.

No Guesswork with OEM Parts 

When you visit our dealership’s service department, one of our mechanics will identify the part that needs to be replaced and provide the part if it’s in stock. 

With aftermarket components, there may be dozens of brands across varying price ranges to select from. This can be confusing as you navigate between the different options, most from manufacturers you probably never heard of. 

OEM Parts are Reliable 

You know you can trust OEM parts because it’s from the same manufacturer that produced your car. Essentially, you’re replacing a Honda part with an identical Honda part. This ensures a precision fit. 

Most aftermarket parts are from third-party developers. They make replacement parts designed to fit across multiple models. This may sound like a good thing, but the one-size-fits-all design means less compatibility for your specific Honda model. 

Make an appointment at Keyes Honda to schedule repairs. We only use OEM parts and have replacement components for all Honda models, including favorites like the Honda Passport.

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