Friday, January 12, 2018

Honda Xcelerator Team Shows Off Research at CES® 2018

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES®) is always a lot of fun. The news coming out and the technology on display run the gamut from the practical to the fantastical. But if you pay attention, you can sometimes catch a glimpse of the Next Big Thing. Of course, we don’t know what that will be, but when it comes to the future of the automotive industry, we think it’s a pretty good guess that you can find some hints in what Honda Xcelerator has to offer.

Just what is Honda Xcelerator? It’s a part of Silicon Valley-based Honda Innovations and serves as the Honda brand’s vanguard for discovering and experimenting with new technologies and business concepts. Nick Sugimoto, Honda Innovations CEO, sums up the group’s mission:
“With our Xcelerator partners, Honda will explore technologies that can potentially transform its future products and services, and create new business opportunities.”

At CES 2018, Honda Xcelerator set up a Global Innovator Showcase to demonstrate technology from six of their partnerships. BRAIQ seeks to create technology that will allow your car to learn your driving style, personalizing the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) experience in order to increase comfort and build trust in automated driving technology. DeepMap is exploring new and better ways of developing precise, reliable high-definition (HD) maps and real-time localization for autonomous vehicles. DynaOptics is looking to boost the powers of camera sensors to detect and classify objects more quickly and accurately. That’s only a sampling of what Honda Xcelerator has on display.

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