Monday, June 17, 2019

Kick-Off Summer with a Tire Check at Keyes Honda

Our job at Keyes Honda isn’t just to be your California Honda dealer. We want to help you take care of your Honda car. At our Honda dealership near Van Nuys, CA, we have an expert staff that can give you the best advice on proper vehicle maintenance. One of their most common pieces of advice is to start the summer off with a tire check.

Unfortunately, most drivers don’t think about the state of their tires until it’s too late. Usually, people will only think about tires if they need to replace a flat. To save yourself some money, it’s a good idea to keep a tire pressure gauge in your toolkit. You can use this tool to monitor the pressure in your tires every once in a while. It’s important that your tires are properly inflated because overinflating could lead to an uneven wear pattern. In the summer, an uneven wear pattern is exceptionally dangerous since your vehicle will have less traction on the pavement. Since the pavement will be unusually hot, this could start to take a serious toll on your tires.
It’s also a good idea to simply check your tires every so often. You can observe them and see if you notice any punctures or areas without tread. If you do find any signs of damage, you should bring in your vehicle to our Honda service center in Los Angeles, CA. Our expert auto technicians will give your tires a thorough check and alert you of any damage. They can also help you choose new tires for your vehicle if necessary. If you’re planning on taking a road trip, we recommend bringing in your vehicle for a tire check before you go.
Bring in your Honda car to Keyes Honda today!


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