Saturday, August 10, 2019

Ways Honda Drivers Avoid Risky Road Hazards

Are you traveling this summer? Perhaps you're taking one last trip before the kids head back to school. The road can be dangerous for many different reasons from poor weather to traffic jams near construction areas. If you have an accident, contact Keyes Honda for fast Honda service with genuine Honda parts near Los Angeles. Keep your family safe this summer by avoiding these common road hazards.

Even when the sun is shining, and the roads look clear, danger can work. For example, new drivers may haul furniture without tying it down correctly. Be prepared to react and stop suddenly to avoid an obstacle in the road.

On days with low visibility, whether that's from fog or rain, staying aware and slowing down is key to staying safe. After all, road conditions can rapidly deteriorate due to slick roads. Start by turning on your lights and paying close attention to the road markings and other vehicles.

If you see signs for construction or emergency vehicles, then make sure to slow down while also continually checking your mirrors. Often people behind you can't see what's going on so they may try to get around you. Some drivers may attempt to use the shoulder to pass you or cut in front of you unexpectedly. Plus many injuries and deaths happen every year due to workers and emergency officials getting hit because drivers didn't see them.

Protect yourself on the highway by staying aware at all times and taking advantage of any safety technology is that your vehicle offers. If you'd like to improve the technology on your current vehicle, then our team at Keyes Honda near Los Angeles provides genuine Honda parts, including cameras and sensors. Call us for a Honda service today.

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