Thursday, September 10, 2020

Perks of our Honda Trade-In Program

Our Honda trade in program allows LA area drivers to exchange their current Honda model for a new one with no money down and same or lower payments. Does it sound too good to be true? That’s because you won’t find a trade in option so sweet anywhere else. Gently used Honda cars are in demand, so we’re offering exactly the incentives we think you’ll love.

Perks of Honda Trade-Ins

As you exchange your beloved Honda car, it will be well worth it when we give you above market value. Instead of losing money like you would in a for-sale-by-owner situation, you could actually make money on the transaction. You can put those funds toward a brand new car at our Van Nuys dealership with low monthly payments and better financing terms like a low APR or little to no down payment.

Not only that, but getting a new Honda car comes with a whole host of bonuses even without an exchange. Each year, cars get more and more efficient. A new car upgrade means you’ll get better MPG and spend less at the gas station. You can get the newest and most impressive entertainment and convenience features, too. Pick your model, trim, color, extra features, and more.

Trade-In at Keyes Honda

All of these special options will also come with longer and more comprehensive warranties so you’re covered on all fronts for many miles down the road. Come see us at Keyes Honda to make a quick and easy Honda exchange today. And if you’re interested in a Honda Civic lease, you know we can hook you up, so come on down.

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