Thursday, September 3, 2020

Shop Our Keyes Honda Parts Selection

Keyes Honda is here for more than just the sale of fantastic new Honda cars. We can also hook you up with whatever Honda car parts, accessories, and services you’re needing. You can visit our website to learn more about our selection and begin your parts search.

Why Upgrade Your Parts

At Keyes Honda, upgrading your car parts is all up to you and your vehicle goals. Maybe you’ve got a new-to-you Honda car and you want to make some customizations so that it feels like home - we can help by installing an improved sound system or GPS inside the car, or by making changes to the spoiler, rims, or roof rack on the outside for example.

Or maybe you’ve got a part that urgently needs replacing like a hose, sparkplug, or filter. As your local Honda certified body shop, we can do even the most simple, no-frills service if that’s what you’re looking for. It’s both convenient and affordable to have us install those parts exactly according to manufacturer recommendations for you.

And if it turns out you need to fix a few items before selling or trading in your beloved Honda car, we are on board for that, too. High mileage cars can use a little TLC, and you’d be surprised how a fluid flush, new filter, or battery replacement can really change the feel of your car.

How Keyes Honda Can Help

Call or visit our website to learn about our oil change specials, comfortable service lounge, or our selection of Honda cars for sale. We hope to be the well-rounded auto dealership that caters to both your sales and service needs. So visit us soon!


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