Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Prepare Your Car This Fall at Our Honda Service Center


With fall in full swing, now is the time to be mindful of your car’s health. This is the season to get your vehicle looked at by a certified technician at our Honda service center in Van Nuys, CA. Learn which car components can benefit from autumn maintenance.

Check the Battery

Temperature fluctuations cause the fluids in the battery to undergo chemical changes that can lead to a power depletion. We recommend having the battery inspected as part of general maintenance at our local Honda service station.

The battery may also hint that it’s drained if the electrical components like the lights and radio begin failing. Finally, be sure the battery terminals are free of corrosion build-up.

Check the Heater

It won’t be long before winter arrives, and you find yourself relying on the heater much like you relied on the AC during the summer. Check the heater to be sure it’s actually blowing hot air. If the air is at normal temperature or even cold, then there may be a number of problems, such as a clogged heater core, a faulty water pump, or a hot coolant leak.

Check the Lights

As fall arrives, the night hours become longer, making your headlamps even more crucial. If the lights appear dimmer than usual, then the problem is either failing bulbs or the lens cover is becoming clouded from oxidation. A Honda technician can easily replace the bulbs and/or remove oxidation from the lens.

Schedule a service appointment at Keyes Honda. Our licensed mechanics perform maintenance and tune-ups on all Honda models, from the Honda Civic to the Honda Odyssey. Make fall the season to give your car a once-over from an automotive professional.

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