Wednesday, October 20, 2021

What Documents Do I Need to Bring for a Car Purchase?


Do you have plans to visit your local Honda dealership intending on buying or leasing a new car? To expedite the process and avoid delays, be sure to bring all the necessary documents. Our Honda finance center near Los Angeles, CA will request certain paperwork that you should be ready to present.

Driver’s License

You’ll need your driver’s license to both verify your identity and prove that you’re a registered driver. Other forms of ID like a passport will not suffice since they don’t verify your legal status as a motorist. Plus, you’ll need your license in order to drive off our dealership in your new car.


You’ll need to have some form of payment for the down payment. Whatever form this comes in, it should be enough to cover at least 10% of the car’s base price. Forms of payment we accept include:

  • Cash
  • Credit card
  • Personal check
  • Cashier’s check

Proof of Income

To qualify for a loan, you’ll need to submit proof of steady full-time income, usually going back at least six months. This shows that you have and are capable of earning a steady income and are able to make timely payments. Proof of income includes bank statements and pay stubs.

Proof of Insurance

You must have existing insurance coverage at the time of the car purchase. After all, you do need insurance to cover you for the drive back home from the dealership in your new car. Contact your insurance company prior to visiting the dealership to make arrangements regarding policy transfers to a new car.

Whether purchasing the Honda CR-V or any other Honda model, be sure to come prepared with the right documents for a seamless sales process.

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