Thursday, February 10, 2022

Does the Honda Pilot Offer AWD?

The Honda Pilot is a robust family vehicle and a great alternative for those who prefer SUVs over minivans. However, which drivetrain options are available with this model? For example, does it include all-wheel-drive, or is front-wheel-drive the sole option? 

Drivetrain Options 

Front-wheel-drive comes standard on all Honda Pilot trims. However, all-wheel-drive is available as an optional upgrade from the base trim and up. 

Speaking of which, the Honda Pilot is available in the following trims: 

  • LX 
  • EX 
  • EX-L 
  • Special Edition 
  • Touring Elite 
  • Black Edition

How All-Wheel-Drive Works 

With all-wheel-drive, your engine distributes power to all four wheels, with the ratio of power allocation dependent on road conditions. This enables your rear tires to assist in traction if the front tires begin to slip. This makes all-wheel-drive the better option for maintaining stability when traversing hills, rough terrain, etc.

All-Wheel-Drive Combined with Modern Technology 

You don’t just receive all-wheel-drive when you drive the Honda Pilot. This drivetrain also works in conjunction with the latest Honda technologies. This includes Intelligent Variable Torque Management™ (i-VTM4), which adjusts power to the axles as necessary depending on the level of torque. 

It also includes the Real-Time All-Wheel-Drive with Intelligent Control System. This system sends additional power to the rear wheels if it senses they’re losing traction. 


The Honda Pilot is powered by a V6 engine mated to a nine-speed automatic transmission. This provides more than enough power for this three-row crossover. There is an option to upgrade to 20-inch wheels that further enhance handling on rough terrain. 

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