Sunday, September 23, 2018

Protecting Your Honda Vehicle from Theft

Many drivers in the Los Angeles area love their Honda cars from Keyes Honda, and most of them enjoy their new Honda Civic or Honda Accord for many long years. But you’re not the only one who loves your car. A recent study found those two Honda models were the most stolen cars in America last year, accounting for nearly 89,000 thefts between them. How can your protect your car and yourself?

Not all vehicles are stolen for the same reasons. Some are resold, while others are merely taken for a joyride, or stripped for parts. If you don’t want your car missing from your driveway or its parking spot, you’re probably more concerned with prevention than with a thief’s reasoning. Here’s what you can do:

     Don’t leave the keys in the ignition, or leave the car running
     Lock your car, even if you’ll only be stepping away for a minute
     Don’t leave the spare key somewhere it can be found easily
     Park in areas with good lighting, and don’t park somewhere isolated
     Keep valuables in the trunk or glove box where they won’t entice thieves
     Listen to your intuition if something doesn’t seem right about a place or a particular situation

Your new Honda vehicle can help you as well. You’ve got an alarm. Use it. Your Honda car also won’t start without its ignition key, which has a transponder built in, so it’s important to keep your keys with you. Other features and accessories (like a steering wheel immobilizer, or a vehicle locator) can be discussed with your Honda dealer.

The biggest takeaway is to remember that thieves hate two things above all others: visibility, and anything that’ll slow them down as they do their “work.” For more safety tips or advice to get the most out of the features in your Honda car or SUV, visit Keyes Honda at 5355 Van Nuys Blvd in Van Nuys, CA.

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