Sunday, April 11, 2021

Amenities at Our Honda Dealership


Are you in search of a pre-owned car? Our used Honda cars in Van Nuys, CA provide peace of mind as they have all undergone a basic inspection from our certified technicians. Nevertheless, some of the vehicles in our used inventory do have an odometer with a reading in the six-digit range. Learn what to look for when inspecting a high-mileage car.

High-Mileage Car Inspection

Perform a visual inspection; be on the lookout for rust. Visible signs of rust, especially on the floor pan, may be a sign of structural issues. You should also check the frame for bubbled paint, which is a sign of rust beneath and excess oxidation.

During the test drive, be cognizant of the steering. Does the wheel feel stiff? This may be a sign of a leaking power steering fluid, which is common in high-mileage cars. Also, test the brakes; do you notice unusually long stopping distances? This may be an indicator of worn brakes that have never been replaced over the car’s life.

We also recommend that buyers perform a compression test, which they’ll have to do at an auto shop or dealership. We perform a compression test on all of our used vehicles before putting them on inventory. The test evaluates individual cylinders. Cylinders that are measured below 100 psi or have a greater 10% psi difference between cylinders is a telltale sign of a car on the verge of failure.

Browse Our Tested Used Honda Cars

High-mileage cars are naturally going to come under a lot of doubt. However, many can continue to operate reliably for many more years with the right care. Don’t forget that our new inventory also includes popular models like the Honda HR-V and more.


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