Monday, April 5, 2021

Take Care of Your Vehicle for National Car Care Month


April is National Car Care Month. We like to think of this month as a time to really give your car some extra care and attention. Aside from DIY care at home, we also suggest professional care at our Honda service center in Van Nuys, CA.

What Is National Car Care Month?

National Car Care Month was created by the Car Care Council and is recognized twice a year – in April and October. April was chosen as one of the two designated months since this is the time of year when most people schedule road trips for spring break.

How to Care for Your Car at Home

We recommend performing the following during National Car Care Month

  • Inspect the battery and terminals for corrosion. Examine the connection and hoses for cracks and excessive wear and tear.
  • Check the brakes. Does it take longer than usual to come to a full stop? Do you hear screeching or grinding noises when applying pressure on the brake pedal?
  • Examine all fluids, including the motor oil, anti-freeze, transmission fluid, and power steering fluid. If the fluids are below recommended levels or are discolored, then replace them.
  • Check tire pressure. If pressure is low, be sure to fill them to the recommended psi and not the maximum PSI. You can find the former on the car’s door sill. It’s important to avoid too much air in the tires as the weather warms up.

Caring for your Car at Keyes Honda

Visit Keyes Honda to get your car serviced for National Car Care Month. We service all Honda models, from the Honda Civic to the Honda Odyssey. Make sure to give your car the attention it deserves.


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