Wednesday, May 5, 2021

3 Ways You Can Get More For Your Money By Trading In


Most drivers buy a new car to replace an existing vehicle that they’ve outgrown in size or style. You have options regarding what to do with the current car in your garage. A vehicle trade-in is a great idea that saves you both time and money. Here are three reasons to trade in your car at a dealership.

1. Save Time

By trading in your vehicle, you acquire a new car and part with your old one in a single dealership visit, thereby killing two birds with one stone. By selling to a private buyer, you have to list your car for sale, wait for a response, set up an appointment, etc. The sale may go smoothly within a few days or can take upwards of weeks or even months. There’s just no telling how long it’ll take.

2. Sell the Car for What It’s Worth

By trading your car in at the dealership, the car is sold according to the Kelley Blue Book value. Of course, factors like overall condition are considered as well. Even if you sell to a private buyer at the KBB value, most buyers will try to negotiate a lower price. This either results in you conceding, or you having to start the process over with another potential buyer.

3. Peace of Mind

There’s a level of reassurance when trading in your vehicle. If selling to a private buyer, the buyer may later contact you complaining of an issue with the car and demanding repair costs come out of your pocket. It happens more often than you think.

Whether you’re interested in the Honda Civic or the Honda Pilot, a vehicle trade-in is a smart move that saves you time, money, and hassle.

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