Wednesday, May 19, 2021

5 Signs You Need a Honda Oil Change


The oil is the car’s lifeblood. Without oil, or clean oil to be more specific, your car will not run optimally and be prone to accelerated engine wear. A technician at our dealership can determine when a Honda oil change near Sherman Oaks, CA is necessary. However, there are telltale signs that will alert you that an oil change is imminent.

1. Blackish Oil

Pull out the dipstick and examine the oil. Fresh oil should be brownish in color. If it appears blackish and gritty, then you need to change the oil. Darkish oil is also thicker and erodes the filter’s ability to trap contaminants.

2. Loud Engine

Stale oil loses its lubricative ability, causing the metal parts to grind and cause friction. This leads to a loud sound similar to that of grinding metal.

3. Oily Smell

Do you smell oil inside the cabin? This may be a sign of leaking or burning oil. The smell may also be reminiscent of gasoline. The odor may be harder to detect if the interior has an air freshener.

4. Decrease in Fuel Economy

Have you noticed your car needing more frequent trips to the gas pump despite no change in your driving habits? When the oil is low or stale, the engine is forced to work harder, guzzling more gasoline in the process.

5. Overheating

If smoke comes out of your hood mid-commute, then pull over immediately and have your car towed to a dealership for service. Low oil is a primary cause of engine overheating.

Visit Keyes Honda for servicing. We perform oil changes and flushes on all Honda models, including the Honda HR-V and more. Check our site often for the latest servicing offers.

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