Friday, June 4, 2021

Tips for Extending the Life of Your Used Car


Just because you bought a used car doesn’t mean it only has a few meager years left of life. On the contrary, a used Honda car near Sherman Oaks, CA can last nearly as long as a new car with the right care. Here are some ways to keep the car functioning optimally for many years.

Drive carefully

The way you drive can make or break your vehicle. The following driving habits can accelerate wear and tear:

  • Frequently slamming on the breaks
  • Driving over speedbumps, dips, or potholes without slowing down
  • Frequently driving with an overloaded car
  • Shifting between drive and reverse without coming to a complete stop

Change the Oil

When you neglect to change the oil when a change is due, the oil turns into sludge. This drastically reduces its lubricative ability, causing the engine’s metal parts to grind against one another, leading to friction and overheating. If the oil on the dipstick appears darkened, or you hear engine grinding noises, then the car likely needs fresh oil.

Check the Tires

If the tire psi is below even just five psi of the recommended level, that’s enough to reduce fuel efficiency, not to mention it may also cause alignment and balance issues. It also increases the risk of damage to the chassis, and it greatly stresses the wheels, calipers, and brake lines.

Get the Car Serviced

Bring the car to our dealership for an annual inspection. A general inspection includes a thorough examination of the engine, transmission, suspension, electronic components, and more. This catches potential issues in their early stages and prevents the problem from exacerbating.

If you purchase a used car at Keyes Honda, be sure to bring it back to the dealership often for checkups. Our service department performs auto maintenance on all Honda models, including the Honda Accord and more.


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