Thursday, June 10, 2021

How to Maintain Your Honda Vehicle’s Air Conditioner


With summer in full swing, expect to turn up the AC during your daily commutes; otherwise, you’ll feel like you’re driving inside an oven on wheels. If your AC isn’t in tiptop condition, though, then you might not get the optimal cooling output. Learn how to care for your car AC as the summer heat picks up. Visits to our Honda service center near Sherman Oaks, CA is a big part of AC maintenance.

Signs of a Failing Car AC

Is the vent emitting hot and stuffy air? This may be a sign of a failing AC compressor that’s unable to properly regulate the flow of refrigerant. For this reason, the cabin may actually feel warmer despite turning the AC on to the max setting. If there are rear passengers, they may feel the same warm air or feel nothing at all.

The noise from the AC may also sound louder than usual. In addition, you may smell a musty odor when the AC is on. This may be due to mold buildup inside the vents, which is a health hazard and requires immediate mechanic attention.

The Solution

Bring your car to the dealership for diagnosing and servicing. AC repair isn’t exactly a DIY-friendly process. There could be a number of issues causing a faulty AC, such as:

  • A refrigerant leak
  • Broken compressor clutch
  • Tripping circuit breaker
  • A jammed suction line
  • Faulty electrical components, such as frayed wiring leading to low voltage

A faulty AC may stem from one or a combination of the above. Most of these issues require computer diagnostics.

Visit Keyes Honda this summer. We perform AC diagnostics on all Honda models, including the Honda CR-V and more. Be sure your car is ready for hot weather operation.

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