Thursday, December 9, 2021

Honda Service 101: What Causes a Dead Car Battery?

While there are multiple reasons behind a car not starting, the most common cause is a dead battery. What exactly causes a car battery to die, especially if it was previously working fine? 

Our Honda service center near Sherman Oaks, CA can pinpoint the cause and provide an OEM replacement. Here are a few common causes of vehicle battery failure. 

Corrosion Buildup 

Battery cells contain fluid that’s highly acidic. Over time, this acid can make its way and build up around the terminals. This inhibits the alternator’s ability to supply charge to the battery due to a disruption in connection. If you spot corrosion around the terminals, wipe them clean using a discarded toothbrush. 

Leaving the Headlights On 

Most modern cars will alert you if you leave your headlights on. However, in older models, it’s easy to forget to turn off the headlights especially if it’s early in the morning or evening when the light isn’t so visible. 

The battery also powers the lights, so this will cause a gradual drain. Make a habit of quickly checking your headlights first thing when you exit your vehicle. 

Old Age 

Even if you do everything right, batteries may simply fail from old age. The typical battery lifespan is about three to five years. 

Over time, the battery will wear due to factors like temperature fluctuations and constant use of electrical components like the radio and navigation system. This is why we recommend a voltage check during every dealership maintenance appointment. 

Schedule your next vehicle appointment at Keyes Honda. We service all Honda models, including pickup trucks like the Honda Ridgeline. All models require diligent care of the battery to prevent a non-starting engine. 


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