Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Best Vacation-Ready Honda Cars

Some vehicles are more suitable for vacations than others. Which Honda cars are perfect for an extended vacation with the family? Learn which specific models we recommend for their vacation-ready features. 

Honda Odyssey 

Minivans naturally come to mind when it comes to vacation-ready vehicles due to their spacious capacity. The Honda Odyssey is no exception with its eight-person seating capacity and a maximum 144.9 cubic feet of cargo capacity. Transporting larger items is made simple thanks to the minivan’s second-row Magic Slide seats that enable the seating to easily move into different configurations. This makes the Honda Odyssey the gold standard for carpooling and transferring large cargo loads. 

Honda Ridgeline 

As a pickup truck, the Honda Ridgeline is the vehicle of choice for off-roading vacations. With a 5,000-lb tow capacity, easily tow along a flatbed trailer along with other off-road vehicles like an ATV or a pair of dirt bikes. The truck also has a max payload between 1,509 and 1,583 pounds in its cargo bed. With the i-VTM® all-wheel-drive, the rear axle is amplified through a sophisticated torque vectoring adjustment system for improved traction. 

Honda Accord Hybrid 

As a midsize sedan, the Honda Accord Hybrid is more than capable of transporting a small family of four. With the hybrid variant, embark on your road trip while minimizing your carbon footprint. Get high-level performance thanks to the vehicle’s two-motor hybrid powertrain mated to an e-CVT transmission that produces 212 hp. The addition of the Hybrid Driver Information Interface provides real-time information about driving and fuel efficiency. 

Before finalizing any vacation plans, be sure to visit Keyes Honda first. The above-mentioned models will no doubt enhance the enjoyment of your trip from the moment you leave your home until the return. 


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