Sunday, April 10, 2022

Honda Service Tips: How to Conserve Fuel

When was the last time your vehicle received general maintenance at the dealership? Set up an appointment at our Honda service center! A much-needed tune-up improves fuel economy. Learn how you can slash fuel use! 

Lighten the Load 

When traveling with items in tow, only bring along what you need to transport. Carrying too much weight forces the engine to work harder, thereby using more fuel. For roughly every 100 pounds of additional weight in the car, fuel consumption increases by about 2%. Be especially mindful if you drive vehicles like the Honda Passport or Honda Odyssey, which are capable of heavier payloads.


Change the Air Filter 

Driving with a dirty air filter is another factor that places undue stress on the engine. A new air filter may improve fuel efficiency by as much as 10%. To put it another way, a clean air filter can save you as much as 39 cents for every gallon of fuel consumed. 

Accelerate Gradually 

Accelerating consumes more fuel than cruising along at a consistent speed. Accelerate steadily and only when you need to. For this reason, you should also avoid braking too hard. If you come to a sudden stop, you’ll have to accelerate and pick up speed again. 

Maintain the Tires 

Under-inflated tires have to work harder to rotate and pick up speed. Anything that makes the car work harder often leads to reduced fuel economy. The tires should always be within five psi of the recommended psi. Check the tires at the start of every month and inspect the treads in the process. 

Visit Keyes Honda and schedule your next maintenance. A tune-up ensures peak performance, in turn improving fuel economy.  

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