Monday, May 9, 2022

What Is Included in Honda Maintenance?

You should schedule a tune-up at our Honda maintenance center. Annual maintenance ensures your vehicle stays in tip-top shape. What services do you receive with each appointment? Learn what you get with every trip to our service department. 

Oil Change 

Our mechanics will check and change the oil if needed. Keep in mind that you may need an oil change even before the required change interval. Commuting under severe conditions, such as stop-and-go driving, leads to premature oil wear. 

Tire Check 

A tire check includes multiple points of inspection. 

  • Tire pressure – the mechanic will check to ensure each tire is within its recommended psi. 
  • Wheel alignment – misalignment can lead to the car veering in one direction 
  • Tire rotation – tires should be rotated twice a year to ensure even wear 
  • Tire balance – tire misbalance can cause irregular tread wear patterns 

Fluid Check 

Your car contains multiple fluids besides motor oil. This includes brake fluid, coolant, and transmission fluid, among others. Our technicians can perform a check on these various fluids, provide replenishment, and look for leaks. 


The undercarriage is out of sight, but it’s subject to daily wear and tear. This is especially the case for off-road vehicles. An inspection includes a check of the following: 

  • Shock and struts 
  • Axles 
  • Ball bearings 
  • Linkages 
  • Coil springs 

Brake Check 

Two of the main brake components include the pads and rotors. These parts wear over time and diminish the car’s ability to come to a full stop. A mechanic will perform a checkup of the brakes for wear. 

Schedule an appointment at Keyes Honda. We frequently perform maintenance and repairs on all Honda models, including SUVs like the Honda Passport


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