Thursday, May 19, 2022

Different Types of Honda Tire Repairs

Whether in motion or stationary, the tires are in contact with the road 24/7. This makes tire health extremely important. At our dealership service center, we offer professional Honda tire repair in Van Nuys, CA. Our tire service is quite comprehensive, ranging from repairs to replacement. 

Flat Tire Repair 

Our technicians will have to assess a flat tire to determine if it can be repaired. Generally, if the car has been driven at length with the tire pressure below 15 psi, then it has sustained severe damage and has to be replaced. 

Punctured Tire Repair 

Our service center often deals with punctured tires because this is such a commonplace occurrence. If the puncture is on the sidewall, the tire needs to be replaced. If it’s on the treads, the tire may be able to be repaired with a patch as long as the puncture depth doesn’t exceed a quarter of an inch. 

Tire Sidewall Bubble Repair 

You may notice a bubble-like protrusion appear on the sidewall. This stems from an air leak and damage to the tire’s inner liner. This may happen from hitting a pothole or driving over a dip or speedbump at high speeds. Depending on the size of the bubble, our technicians may be able to repair the tire. 

Post-Collision Tire Replacement 

A mechanic will need to examine the tires after a collision. A high impact may cause splinters or the treads to separate. Some of the damage may not be visibly detectable. If the structural damage is severe, the tire will need to be completely replaced. 

Schedule a service appointment at Keyes Honda for your Honda vehicle. From the Honda Civic to the Honda Odyssey, all models require regular tire care. 

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