Monday, June 20, 2022

How Does a Hybrid Car Work?


Are you interested in purchasing or leasing a hybrid car near San Fernando Valley, CA? Perhaps you have done some research regarding the benefits. However, do you know how hybrid vehicles work? How different are they compared to the inner workings of a conventional automobile?

Hybrid Engines

Hybrid cars have the same combustible engine found in conventional vehicles. However, the former also contains an electric motor. The vehicle alternates between using gasoline and electric power. For this reason, hybrid vehicles still require fuel, though mileage is far better compared to a non-hybrid vehicle.

Regenerative Braking

The electric motor gets its power from regenerative braking. In a conventional vehicle, when you slow down and apply the brakes, this creates kinetic energy that’s lost to heat buildup. With regenerative braking, the system captures that kinetic energy and converts it to power for the electric motor.

Hybrids Versus Plug-in Hybrids

Hybrid vehicles should not be confused with plug-in hybrid (PHEV) cars. Many people use the terms interchangeably but both vehicle types work differently. Like hybrid cars, PHEVs also contain a combustible engine and an electric motor. However, the combustible engine only comes into play as a backup. The electric motor provides the bulk of power for everyday commuting. Unlike a hybrid car, you can power a PHEV by plugging the unit into a wall outlet to recharge the battery.

PHEVs, in turn, should not be confused with all-electric vehicles. The latter does not have a combustible engine and gets 100% of its power from an electric motor.

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