Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Top Reasons to Service at the Dealership

Do you regularly make appointments for car servicing? If you do, do you bring the vehicle to an independent auto shop or to a Honda service center?

The latter is far more important for continued reliable performance. Learn how servicing at our Honda dealership is advantageous over a third-party auto shop. 

Your Warranty Covers It 

As long as your warranty hasn’t expired, it will cover the cost of certain maintenance tasks and repairs at an approved Honda dealership. This alone is worth choosing the dealership versus an independent auto shop.

Even if your warranty has expired, you can elect to have it renewed or extended. 

OEM Parts 

Our dealership only uses OEM Honda parts when a component needs to be replaced. OEM Honda parts are far more reliable than aftermarket parts. The former is designed by the manufacturer and is identical to the factory stock part being replaced.

Independent auto shops often use aftermarket or even refurbished parts to cut down on cost, though this move comes at the cost of quality. 

Get Model-Specific Guidance 

The mechanics at a third-party shop are generalists. By contrast, dealership technicians are certified and work exclusively with Honda models. They can answer any of your questions about your vehicle’s performance and provide industry knowledge. 

Receive Complimentary Amenities 

While you’re awaiting service or repairs at our dealership, you have access to a number of amenities, including coffee, light refreshments, and Wi-Fi. You can also take the moment to browse the existing inventory.

Schedule maintenance at Keyes Honda for your next maintenance service or repair today! Whether you own the Honda HR-V or Honda Civic, your vehicle cannot maintain peak function without regular professional maintenance. 

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